Clicking report link on one windows machine does not work -- studio 10.2 - any ideas

Doug Easterbrook doug at
Wed Apr 13 01:29:03 UTC 2022


With reports in Studio 10.2 (later versions), the kEntry field has a parameter called $linkAddress.  If you put something into $likeAddress, you can have the field respond to clicks and then open windows or cause any code to run in Studio.

I’ve put these links into many reports.  People have used them successfully on Mac & Windows.

So, I know the feature works.

The problem:

On one specific windows 10 machine, the links do not work.   IF you run your mouse over a field, the cursor does not change to indicate that a link exists.

I’ve run the same reports from other machines on the same user’s network and the links work. 

We’ve reinstalled the omnis runtime 10.2.31315 and that does not fix the issue.

We’ve tried many reports, and none of them work on this one machine.

That narrow’s it down to one windows 10 machine behaving different from all others

The question:

Has anybody else run into issues with clicking on report links and them not working and not seeming active?   And sort of windows setting that might disable clicks in omnis for any reason?

If anybody has seen anything like this, it would help.

Meantime, I’m off to see what sort of virus software that may have and/or if they have all windows updates in place.    

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