How do you delete mail in IMAP?

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Tue Apr 12 06:50:06 UTC 2022

Hi Das,

First set the "deleted" flag to kTrue using kOW3imapActionSetMessageFlags.

Example :

     Do RowFlags.$addcols('answered',kInteger,k32bitint,)
     Do RowFlags.$addcols('deleted',kInteger,k32bitint,)
     Do RowFlags.$addcols('draft',kInteger,k32bitint,)
     Do RowFlags.$addcols('flagged',kInteger,k32bitint,)
     Do RowFlags.$addcols('seen',kInteger,k32bitint,)
     Do RowFlags.$assigncols(kUnknown,kTrue,kUnknown,kUnknown,kUnknown)
Returns lOk

Then to delete completely de message execute the EXPUGNE imap command.

Example :

             Calculate lCmd as $cinst.$chartoutf7(nfd(trim('EXPUNGE')))

             Do $cinst.$start(kOW3imapActionExecute,pMailboxName,lCmd) 
Returns lOk

$cinst is an IMAPClientWorker object and pMailboxName is the folder of 
the message.

Best regards.

El 11/4/22 a las 20:52, Das Goravani escribió:
> Talking 10.2 here
> In IMAP I have noticed actions for things like listing mailboxes, listing messages and so on…
> But there’s no action for deleting a message completely
> How do you delete a message completely in the IMAP world within Omnis
> The one mention of "get’s rid of message" was in reference to appending the same message again to a list.. it said messages with duplicate ID’s disappear by the IMAP engine, so I was thinking one way to get rid of a message is to append itself to the same list and then both copies will go away?
> Then there’s the Action for commands and there is some type of DELETE command within IMAP since I was able to find it’s error codes
> I guess I have to make a custom command binary and execute that having the delete command within it
> Anyone have that or know the way to delete?
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