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Mon Apr 11 22:57:18 UTC 2022

Hi Martin,

It was mentioned to make sure you check that $smartlist was indeed set before the operations on the list took place.

When stepping through the list for work, there is another property, $history, that needs to be used:

Set reference rowRef to $cinst.$history.$first()
While rowRef
  If rowRef.$status=kRowDeleted
End While
Do $cinst.$savelistdeletes()

Set reference rowRef to $cinst.$history.$first()
While rowRef
  If rowRef.$status=kRowUpdated

This gives you access to the change list that is managed when $smartlist is true.

John Boehme

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Hi All
I am trying to update a smartlist with the following methods:
btnUpdate: $event
Do iOrgGeneralPrefList.$dowork() Returns #F            

taSuperTable: $dowork
Do $cinst.$first()        

While $cinst.$line>0        

Switch $cinst.$status        

Case kRowDeleted        

Do $cinst.$delete()        

Case kRowInserted,kRowUpdated        

Do $cinst.$save()        

End Switch        

Do $cinst.$next()        

End While        

Quit method #F        

taSuperTable: $save
If $cinst.[iPrimaryKeyName]>0 ## already primary key value            

Do $cinst.$update($cinst) Returns #F        


Do $cinst.$insert() Returns #F        

End If        

The flag in the btnUpdate $event returns kTrue.        But the changes in the smartlist are not updating the table in the database. Where in my code am I going off the rails?
As always, I appreciate all your kind helps.
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