Omnis 7 running on Server 2016 64bit

Doug Easterbrook doug at
Thu Apr 7 19:39:40 UTC 2022

no, thats not true — and a bit sensationalistic.

7.3.7 was end of life.  and omnis (the company) told everybody, well after studio 2 or 3 was out.  it was quite the overlap

7.3.8 was an admission by Omnis (the company) that some people just wanted the old code kept alive, so they made an arrangement for people, at aa cost, to go on ‘extended support’ while it lasted.       if you were not on Omnis 7 support, you couldn’t get on omnis 7.3.8 extended support.   but as far as I know, they kept that program alive until it wasn’t needed any more (i.e. nobody was paying)

studio 3 code is updateagble to studio 10.. with a sslight stop over in studio 5?   why studio 5?   thats when everybody had to get off the ascii version of Studip and over to unicode.   Now everything is unicode.   The upgrade from studio 3 to 5 — no pain.

The conversion to unicode, was a little pain - it meant you had to look at anything where you did fileops.

I can still take my Studio 5 app and convert it directly to studio 10.2 and it runs — with a few code changes to deal with some new features.

so, is it too risky to use Studio as a long term tool?    I can still run my Omnis 3 app (today).  it is a 37 year old application.  I run it in sheep shaver on my mac (thanks to Kelly B on that one).   untouched … the omnis code still runs in Mac OS 9.

in fact, there are still file classes and a very small amount of code in our current studio app that you can recognize from code 37 years ago.

so, I’d say thats good investment.     Omnis (the company) has been around for 40+ years.   Very few that still are, and where the language or applications still work.

even python has just about killed python 2 to have everybody use python 3 … and I think that was 10 years ago that they started their transition.   You got more than that out of omnis.

HTML, C++,  all those have gotten better over time. you can’t just compile a C++ app written 30 years ago and have it work out of the box.     

so ‘risky’… I would not say that.   omnis (the company) has been very good at keeping things rolling along and have bent over backwards to support out of date versions.   I’d say to their detriment.

they have been very good about a path forward and introducing support for new tech.    Like I love the M1 chip version of studio 10.2 … its smoking fast.

just my two cents.

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> On April 7, 2022, at 12:21 PM, Martin Obongita via omnisdev-en <omnisdev-en at> wrote:
> Wow! I thought you upgrade from 7.38 to Studio 7.39 or something? There should be a break off.
> That would mean Studio 10.2 could be broken off just like that.That would be too risky to use Omnis as a long term investment tool! 
>    On Thursday, April 7, 2022, 08:25:34 PM GMT+3, Ben Butler <760.f563 at> wrote:  
> Studio is OO mindset based, Omnis 7 isn't - it is procedural mindset.
> Ben
> On Thu 07/04/2022 18:17, Das Goravani wrote:
>> Just wanted to be another voice Martin saying that Omnis 7 is really different from Studio.
>> With that said it IS OMNIS, so it does share a lot. Structure of code is different. For example you have to code event driven methods with older variables that Omnis 7 has in it, hash variables, like #xyz, you’ll have to learn those.
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