Mail Gurus Please Help

Das Goravani goravanis at
Thu Apr 7 18:38:38 UTC 2022


You know a lot about mail. I do not. I use a gmail and an iCloud account for the most part now.
I do have 2 old addresses that I still want to receive upon, sending is optional
2 accounts is not enough reason to have one’s own mail server and invest in learning all about mail
There is a lot to mail, a lot to learn and tend to, it’s quite a big job
I did it for the last couple years but not well
Because I am with NO-IP thus dynamic addressing my domain was black listed
That made sending mail not work well, it just didn’t arrive to the addressees
So overall I’m not unhappy with leaving having a mail server behind
I never thought black listing would block ports, or rather, cause blocking to happen
But apparently it can happen, being black listed can block using your server it seems now to me
I thought my ISP was the only one who could block ports, and thus cripple one trying to have a mail server
These are just examples of the complexity one encounters with doing much email server work and related
I’m glad to be free of it
As for using my time for learning, there’s enough to Omnis to learn, to fill my days, I don’t need "other"
And I don’t have enough money so as to afford hiring help, I’m too small, nearly "nothing"


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