Omnis 7 running on Server 2016 64bit

Das Goravani goravanis at
Thu Apr 7 18:25:30 UTC 2022

Dear Martin,

Omnis 7 is at it’s last iteration.
It has run on Windows for 30 years or more. It will likely continue a lot longer.
If is from the same company, it is just the Pre Studio Omnis
The same developers work on it if it is to be worked on by Omnis anymore
Studio was a MAJOR upgrade, about half a re-write
One thing to note is Omnis 7 requires that you buy it’s development license separately from Studio and it is expensive
Perhaps your client owns a development license already
There are many Omnis 7 users still and on this list

I don’t know much about it anymore, it’s been a long while since I used it. 


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