Mail Gurus Please Help

Jeffrey Jones jjones at
Wed Apr 6 21:26:36 UTC 2022

You could try other ports
port 587 for smtp
port 995 for pop
port 993 for imap

But I still think your MX record is incorrect. Can you get a plain text version of your DNS records?


> On Apr 6, 2022, at 2:19 PM, Das Goravani <goravanis at> wrote:
> I have been in contact with my ISP. They do not block ports.
> Something is blocking port 25.
> The MailServe app says Connection Refused in it’s mail Que. 
> Telnet’ing into the server gives a time out.
> Sending mail to the address gives an Undeliverable returned message to you.
> Using Network Utility with Port Scan says 25 is open and fine. Odd.
> It’s not NO-IP, it’s not my ISP Spectrum, it’s not the router, port forwarding is done
> I am going round and round on this. I can’t find WHAT WHO IS BLOCKING PORT 25
> I’m about to give up and just open an email account for the address with GoDaddy or somebody else.
> That is sad because it WAS working at my last address in FL. Just days ago. Nothing has changed except I moved. 
> Now too I realize my cell phone doesn’t work in my apartment building, or not well enough to use. 
> Man I am suffering connectivity hell these days. 
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