Mail Gurus Please Help

Das Goravani goravanis at
Wed Apr 6 21:19:52 UTC 2022

I have been in contact with my ISP. They do not block ports.

Something is blocking port 25.

The MailServe app says Connection Refused in it’s mail Que. 
Telnet’ing into the server gives a time out.
Sending mail to the address gives an Undeliverable returned message to you.
Using Network Utility with Port Scan says 25 is open and fine. Odd.

It’s not NO-IP, it’s not my ISP Spectrum, it’s not the router, port forwarding is done


I am going round and round on this. I can’t find WHAT WHO IS BLOCKING PORT 25

I’m about to give up and just open an email account for the address with GoDaddy or somebody else.

That is sad because it WAS working at my last address in FL. Just days ago. Nothing has changed except I moved. 

Now too I realize my cell phone doesn’t work in my apartment building, or not well enough to use. 

Man I am suffering connectivity hell these days. 

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