Mail Gurus Please Help

Das Goravani goravanis at
Wed Apr 6 14:01:57 UTC 2022

I am still having problems with my mail.

It seems that something is wrong with port 25

Some people check port 25 and get error messages.

Some checks of port 25 say it is open and clear, nothing wrong. 

NO-IP says the problem is not with them. 

My MailServe program says in the Mail Queue that “Connection refused” over and over, a hundred times

When I do the terminal command SUDO LSOF -I -P

I get a listing of what is on the ports, the last two entries are for port 25 and it just says MASTER is listening, one entry is for IPv4 and the other v6

When NO-IP uses Telnet to test the port they get a timeout with an error code that when you look that up on Google it says “most likely a DNS issue” but NO-IP says the DNS is fine, and my website works, the DNS works for my website. 

When I send a mail to the address das at it never arrives

The domain in question is

The IP address is

Do you have any hints how I can research this port 25 deeper?
In Network Utility on Mac using Port Scan it says the port is open and doing SMTP.. which is correct. 

Thank you for any input. 


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