Mail Gurus Please Help

Das Goravani goravanis at
Tue Apr 5 15:48:38 UTC 2022

My mail stopped working when I moved from one state to another in the US.

Naturally I would suspect Port 25 to be closed with the new ISP connection, but it is OPEN. 

I used the Mac’s Network Utility with “Port Scan” to test 25 and it says OPEN.

I had Spectrum ISP in FL and have it now again in NC.. they say they leave all ports open also.

I have the same everything, including same router, same server, same NO-IP connection.

I then checked my port forwarding settings and they are correct. 

My MailServe program has all it’s little green lights on for the ports also.

Mail was working at my last address just days ago.

I moved, re-setup things, and it stopped working. Everything is the same, it should work.

I use NO-IP for DNS..  I do not have a fixed IP

It is supposed to work flawlessly when you move.. that’s what it’s for.

HTTP and other things seem to be working fine, forwarding and working after the move. The server serves my website and it is up and running fine, it is  It is FOR that I want to receive mail.. on that domain.

For example I want to receive mail for 
das at
activations at

Can you think of anything that would do this?

I’m on Catalina and using MailServe for Catalina. (That’s the name of the mail serving program)

Mac mini Server.

Thanks for any attention you can give me,

Das Goravani

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