A little script problem

Das Goravani goravanis at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 12:37:03 UTC 2021


The Line Endings need to be car(10) which is LF (Line Feed) only. Then the script runs. 

But there’s another problem now.

This all started when the —deep command inserted “resource fork, finder information or similar detritus” as apple puts it.

The code signing command from Omnis Inc which included the —deep command no longer works when you try it on BigSur. 

So we started down this path of code signing manually so to speak. I made a utility with Phil Potters help, which works for him on Catalina, as —deep worked on Catalina, I made a utility which signs EVERY FILE inside Omnis then attempts to sign the app itself as the final note.

Well now that final signing won’t execute, it says, “similar detritus not allowed”.. so our signing of everything is doing exactly what —deep does on BigSur.. it creates detritus inside Omnis so that the final signing will not occur.

So I am stuck. My utility, which is done, cannot be given out, for the concept failed (on BigSur). 

The next step, is to think that POSSIBLY, not signing EVERYTHING but rather signing only code, might NOT insert detritus?

To that end, to achieve that, I need a list of which folders to sign within. I need Omnis or someone to tell me a list of folders that contain things that need to be signed.  Then I can try just signing those and see if it helps.

We are still therefore stuck on BigSur at this time. Therefore Monterey too.

Xcode 13 is out now. MAYBE they fixed this problem. To be totally fair and try everything I should download it and try again.

For this is seeming like an Apple bug to me. First of all —deep should work, it’s an important concept.. for signing non-standard apps it’s a must, and they have made it so you have more work without it.. they give the tech note on manual signing, which is what we’ve done.. the only thing different is that we signed everything, whereas in their note you only sign code. 

So I’m sad that I can’t distribute my library to whoever would like it. 

I will post a question on Apple’s Developer Forum about exactly what I’m talking about here. Hope to get some help.

I will notify Omnis too.. and hope to get some help.

Tears, drama, frustration,

But I’m OK. 


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