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Tue Sep 28 09:17:42 UTC 2021

Hi Das,

I haven't recently tried notarizing, but I always codesigned each and 
every file individually, not using a deep command...

I used an omnis lib to recursively find files in the app, and then in 
reverse order, created a script to codesign every file with standard 
entitlements, and then finalised with an executable entitlement on, in 
your case, the 'omnis' executable.

It also finalises with using Ditto to create a zip file which is the 
file uploaded for notarization.

I originally did this when I did not know what needed codesigning, and 
it seems to continue to work, even though its probably overkill.

This worked fine on Big Sur using xcode 12.5.1

Ok, just retried this, and yes, it notarized just fine.

Phil Potter
Based in Chester in the UK.

On 27/09/2021 19:17, Das Goravani wrote:
> URGENT:  One can NO LONGER NOTARIZE using the Omnis Inc. tech note on Notarization, as of BigSur and Xcode 12. The alternative being presented by Apple is exceedingly complex and requires advanced knowledge of building apps and Mac scripting. This issue needs to be immediately worked on by Omnis Inc. and a solution presented to us developers as soon as possible. Some of us have older VM’s that we can sign on but some do not have those. As of BigSur and Monterey and going forward WE ARE STUCK.
> My post to Apple Developer Forums that got answered by an Engineer
> <>
> Article on Manually Signing an App (very complex, requires knowledge of scripting, Omnis needs to do this for us)
> <>
> I could NOT follow this myself. I don’t know scripting and I don’t know App structural words and concepts.
> If I did not have a Catalina VM and Xcode 11 to sign with I would be STUCK.
> I imagine others are STUCK.
> This is URGENT and I think OMNIS needs to handle this again.
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