Notarization: Catalina ISO Download and Xcode 11 Download

Das Goravani goravanis at
Mon Sep 27 18:26:39 UTC 2021

Below are the links that will take you to where you can download what you need to 

Notarize with the Omnis way, that we’ve been using… 

Maybe my post never posted. I wouldn’t be surprised. My account with the developers list is weird, it doesn’t send me my own posts even though I have it marked to send them. 

This is really exasperating.. that Apple changed things.. with —deep command.. that’s the thing that’s blown

I’ve been asking about this since BigSur came out.. if you search Goravani in Apple Developer forums you can see multiple letters from me about this. Mostly I get blowback.. but one Engineer helped in the second try.. 

They always assume you are knowledgeable about Apps.. like writing in Xcode or Other low level language. That is not what Omnis is. We are reliant upon Omnis Inc. to sort these types of things out for us. 

I would have been up in arms months ago had I not a Catalina VM with Xcode 11 that works for notarization WITH —deep

That’s one work around for you:  Create a VM with Catalina if you can, and then download Xcode 11 on it.. it’s still available.. they leave them all up on developers forum <>

OK Here’s a Catalina ISO download page with links and explanation of things <> 

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