iMac Bit The Dust - New Mac Mini?

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Fri Sep 24 17:08:13 UTC 2021

hi Michael.

like others …

we use teamviewer  a lot since it lets macs talk to PC’s and PC’s talk to mac’s (Alex mentioned this).     This is great for tech support and we distributed a paid licence to all our clients to do remote support.    There is a FREE version of this.

I’ve used  Apple’s remote desktop app to talk to  apple machines natively, and windows machines vis VNC.  Apple remote desktop is NOT free)

there is a ’screen sharing’ app built into Mac’s that let you talk Mac to mac

I’ve used Microsoft’s RDP application on a mac to talk to windows.  It is not bidirectional.   (free)

you can use VNC to talk mac to windows, and windows to mac if you want. (free)
this link describes it nicely.

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> On September 24, 2021, at 4:54 AM, Michael Mantkowski <michaelj at> wrote:
> Yesterday I found that my iMac has some serious issues.  (Crashes on boot)
> I program on Widows but keep a Mac around for testing.  I am thinking a new M1 Mini might be the best choice this time around.
> What I would really like to do is have it sit next to my Windows system and share my Monitor and keyboard by using RDP to access the Mini when I need to.  Does anyone know of a way to do this from Windows?
> Thanks!
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