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Wed Sep 22 23:06:37 UTC 2021

I couldn’t tell you offhand for this particular problem …. it might be that you have a high DPI screen and studio now takes that kind of stuff into account better (or not).     There is a feature in the windows ‘monitor preferences’ that lets you scale the size of text.      I might think that 10.2 would od it better as I seem to recall something liek that.

but it makes me think that I should tell you about #STYLES

instead of setting each field with 'omnis sans serif and specific size', you can set a style for the field.  for exmaple, we have:
- PromptField (lucidia 13, bold, window background colour)
- EntryField (lucidia 13, plain, white bacground, inset)
- HeadedListField (lucidia 13, etc)
- Report Field (times new roman, 12)
- ReportHeader (time new roman 24)


you can set the #Styles for each platform.  so on windows, you could use arial, where on mac you use lucida.   this is great for report fonts.

this was a boon to us when we updated from omnis 5 to 10.     we changed the font from geneva 10 on the mac to lucida 13 to meet apple’s current standards.   and done, everywhere.

advantage..  if you are being challenged by this issue you have,   you can change and entry in #styles programatically to adjust for a version of omnis.

so, I may have a hit on an idea for you as to your issue (DPI settings in Monitors Prefs)

and a reasonably neat way to deal with style changes using #styles.

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> On September 22, 2021, at 11:50 AM, malkishtini at wrote:
> Hi $all,
> I have the same window with labels their text is set to "Omnis sans serif" .
> When I run the window in 10.1 I get different result than the fonts in 10.2, the fonts look different.
> It worth mention that I'm running the lib with the window in a different app in 10.1 than in 10.2.
> I'd like to understand why the font looks different in the same window when running in a different version of Omnis? What controls the font in this case?
> I'm checking the #WINFonts and I'm not finding any differences.
> Any insight is appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Mayada
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