NO: Sheepshasver journey ----

Doug Easterbrook doug at
Tue Sep 21 15:16:29 UTC 2021

hi Jim.

I admit — you sent me on a journey to try to recover my lost years looking at code I’d written in omnis 3+

after some noodling the internet, I now have Mac OS 9.0 running on my Catalina machine.     Its a bit of a coded journey —which seems to be intent on not making it easy..

yet -- ’ta da’’..  OS 9.0 looks gloriously familiar at the same time as looking gloriously ancient.   how did we all work with that?

I have my omnis 3+ runtime and libraries all available but the strike out so far is that os 9 is not recognizing the executable.   which, I’m guessing, is because the resource fork or something is missing.

so, to the list..   anybody have omnis 3+. version 3.0.7 developer version as disk images or executable hanging around.     save in a Zip or hqx file to preserve the programs ability to execute.

I also tried my own older omnis 7 installers…. and darn.. the installers crash … but at least its a start.

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