multiple operating systems (parallels and proxmox)

Jim Creak jim at
Tue Sep 21 04:18:49 UTC 2021

Also in Parallels,  nothing fancy like many other as i’m still running in OSX 10.10.5

In reference to Omnis3 have you tried SheepShaver?

Might not work on the M1 chip, but should work within one of your older OS within Parallels


JACSoft Programming Ltd. <>
> On 21/09/2021, at 4:52 am, Doug Easterbrook <doug at> wrote:
> this has allowed me, for example, to run Omnis 5 and 7 on older XP virtual machines or even on my win 2000 virtual machines (which we have done recently to go look at some older business logic).   About the only thing I can’t run any mode is my Omnis 3 version of product … because I can’t find that OSX puma or cheetah virtual machine that will let me still run omnis 3.

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