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Jim Pistrang jim at
Mon Sep 20 14:24:09 UTC 2021

Hi Grant,

Happy (almost) retirement!

I use Parallels and I'm very happy with it.  I primarily use it for Windows 10, but I also have environments set up for Windows 2003, 7, 8.1 and Mac OSX 10.14.6.


>I am in my final year of using Omnis in my business, as I am shutting it
>down next spring, sometime after I turn 75, which I think is a
>reasonable retirement age.
>I am running Studio on Mac High Sierra, and still using DF
>files.  I use it for less than half an hour a day, so I am not
>interested in upgrading to a version of Studio 10, nor transitioning to SQL.
>However, High Sierra no longer gets security updates, so I would like to
>upgrade my operating system to Big Sur, and, eventually, Monterey.
>I would like to have a partition on my hard drive that runs High Sierra
>and Studio, and nothing else.
>A few years back, I did a partition and set up a second Mac OS, but
>found moving back and forth between operating systems annoying, so undid
>that.  Maybe my memory of the experience is incorrect, or I set things
>up poorly, or it's just not a good solution.
>I may also want to add Windows to the mix, as there are some programs on
>Windows I would like to run, which don't have Mac equivalents.
>Potential solutions seem to include Boot Camp, Wine, Parallels, Virtual
>Box, and VMware Fusion.
>Does anyone have recommendations among these, or some other solution I
>have not come across, to run High Sierra, Big Sur, and Windows 10
>seamlessly without rebooting between systems, and having Big Sur as my
>primary desktop?
>Thanks in advance,
>Grant Thiessen
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Jim Pistrang
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