Embedding a video in a studio 10 desktop app

Mike Matthews - Omnis omnis at lineal.co.uk
Thu Sep 16 17:13:35 UTC 2021

I think the samples section has a lot to offer, which mostly goes unnoticed.

One of our team showed me the Token Entry Field.  Really cool thing for our needs, and I wouldn’t have found it.

So take a look and see just what the Samples and Applets offer.  Well worth the look.

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I just found the "avplayer.lbs" in the studio samples ..I should have looked there before I sent my email 😊..I'll study the example and hopefully that will give me what I need.

Thank you,

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Hi $all,

What is the most efficient way to play a video in an Omnis studio 10 desktop client app (a fat client window)?
Does anyone have an idea? Or has done this before?

Thank you,

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