anybody seen print to page preview studio 10.2 with printer that cuts of right and bottom sides of page

Doug Easterbrook doug at
Wed Sep 15 21:03:49 UTC 2021

hi all:

I’ve not seen this situation before — so I thought I’d reach out and see if others have seen it.

all our reports are printed to a window first.
I show them as page preview, so that I can have the thumbnail view
we’ve been doing this for ages. (even before thumbnail view in studio 10)

I have not heard any issues with any client before yesterday. 

on one client, windows 10 (latest version 21H1, latest patch), using studio 10.2.30204 their print to page preview
1) cut of the left edge by about 1 inch. (8.5x11 portrait)
2) cut off the bottom edge by about 1 inch

but when printed to a PDF or directly to the printer — it was fine

I changed page orientation (to landscape) and various printers (PDf printer, MS dummy printer, other printers on the network)… and all had the same effect.   the right and bottom edge of the report is cut off.

it just started last tuesday
there have been no changes to our application in two months
others on the network can see the report when printing to the same printer

so my gut reaction is that its is either:
- omnus prefs, or 
- possibly she got a printer driver driver update, or
- possibly that I need to reinstall omnis to make it pristine,
- possibly that some windows setting like screen resolution is causing issues (I tried changing those - same issue)
- possibly because it is a PC laptop and like a retina display — that might cause issues if somebody poked some OS preference.

she said she had this same issue about 6 months ago (that would be earlier omnis 10.2 for us)….  and ’somebody in their IT dept’ did something to fix it.    so, much as I don’t trust hazy recollections ….  it points in the ’some setting changed on her machine’.

anybody else have to deal with this???  and know the answer??

Doug Easterbrook
Arts Management Systems Ltd.
mailto:doug at
Phone (403) 650-1978

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