Standalone Mobile Apps Possibility

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Mon Sep 13 14:02:47 UTC 2021

Hi Das,

Yes, a developer is required to purchase a separate dev licence that 
lets you turn on the serverlessclient notation on a form, and which also 
builds a db based upon your app, to sit next to an omnis.db within the 

This then works on either iOs or Android.
and yes, there is a wrapper for each, freely available.

Do you need anything else, depends I guess on what your app is doing...

I believe you can also include a sql lite database from installation, so 
maybe you don't need anything else in your case.

If however you do any sort of syncing of data to a server, then you will 
need to purchase an app server from Omnis... so that the sync server 
will work on a server connected to whatever data you need it to connect to.

If not, then maybe there is nothing else to buy?

I haven't tried to draw lines, so will leave that for others to answer.

Phil Potter
Based in Chester in the UK.

On 13/09/2021 14:42, Das Goravani wrote:
> Hello $all,
> I’m wondering about standalone mobile apps made in Omnis. Can they be widely distributed for cheap?  Or is there an expensive runtime license that has to accompany each copy deployed?
> How does it work? Is there a wrapper Omnis that goes around your app and makes it work on a mobile?
> I thought I heard that there is a onetime license fee you have to pay to develop standalone apps in Omnis, True or Not? How much is it?
> I see that you can make a graphic line, background object, whatever it’s called, a line, you can make a line be horizontal or vertical, I can see that.. Can you make it lay at an angle with code?  Can you specify it’s endpoints the way you can on the desktop? I need angles.
> If I can’t have angles, does anyone know of the top of their head whether fields on remote forms are transparent or can be.. so that a picture behind them would shine through the field?  Like on the desktop?
> I’m looking into the viability of making a standalone app in Omnis.
> For low price distribution.. I think runtime fees may make it impossible. That’s my fear.
> Thanks
> Das Goravani
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