Standalone Mobile Apps Possibility

Das Goravani goravanis at
Mon Sep 13 13:42:55 UTC 2021

Hello $all,

I’m wondering about standalone mobile apps made in Omnis. Can they be widely distributed for cheap?  Or is there an expensive runtime license that has to accompany each copy deployed?

How does it work? Is there a wrapper Omnis that goes around your app and makes it work on a mobile?

I thought I heard that there is a onetime license fee you have to pay to develop standalone apps in Omnis, True or Not? How much is it?

I see that you can make a graphic line, background object, whatever it’s called, a line, you can make a line be horizontal or vertical, I can see that.. Can you make it lay at an angle with code?  Can you specify it’s endpoints the way you can on the desktop? I need angles. 

If I can’t have angles, does anyone know of the top of their head whether fields on remote forms are transparent or can be.. so that a picture behind them would shine through the field?  Like on the desktop?

I’m looking into the viability of making a standalone app in Omnis. 

For low price distribution.. I think runtime fees may make it impossible. That’s my fear. 


Das Goravani

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