Marc De Roover omnis1 at arcict.com
Thu Sep 9 18:08:20 UTC 2021


I wouldn’t recommend that setup at all.

You can easily setup a Mac mini as “terminal server” on the same local network as the ODB server and open a VNC session to that MacMini.

Works flawlessly

Alternative are programs like LogMeIn, Teamviewer, . . .

We gladly provide you with more info if required



On 8 Sep 2021, at 15:32, Dick Schievink wrote:

> Hi,
> I try to connect to the Omnis data bridge via a VPN.
> Can’t get it working. Tried to open port 5913 on router but also no luck.
> Anyone ever done this?
> ODB running on Mac and Omnis version 6.
> Regards,
> Dick Schievink
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