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hi Joe

it depends on how to trap the error codes.

we were only trapping success — so it appeared we were getting no data.    once we trapped this memory limit and issued ‘fetches’ to pull it into the table, we got as many records as omnis read, but not all the records that SQL found.

so, we also had a look at what we were supposed to fetch (there’s a variable for that in the dam) and what we actually fetched. — error to use as appropriate.

so, I imagine in the ‘unlimited case, it will fail the same way when it hits the limit of memory..   and if it doesn’t … then it would be time for a bug report.

do you know which release that ‘0’ was fixed?   … although, reading 2.14 TB of data is a lot to suck out.   The lists are not super efficient in compacting memory …. but that is a lot.    I imagine we’ll blow up a few machines if we try to grab that much data for a bunch of tables.

good thing omnis is 64 bit now :)

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> On September 1, 2021, at 3:22 PM, Joe Maus <jmaus at theccgllc.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Same thing here - just ran into it.  It should be noted the max size that can be set is 2GB minus 1 byte (2,147,483,647).  Setting the setting to 0 is supposed to allow "unlimited" list size, but this does not work with current version of Studio 10.2 - it is fixed for the next release says support.  And yes, the setting applies to all DAMs apparently.  I wonder what happens when the machine you have set to "unlimited" runs out of memory... 
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