What does this mean exactly?

Das Goravani goravanis at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 18:21:29 UTC 2021

From Microsoft after I submitted a file for malware detection review, they wrote the following to me:

"We have already established reputation with Microsoft Defender SmartScreen services for the signing certificate (thumbprint 058B872C5A10DEB452421080915898AD4466D12F) all applications that are signed with that certificate should have a warn-free experience from the start."

Does this refer to code signing or product signing?

I do not have code signing on Windows going on, I have not worked with a company to establish my identity.

That being the case, can I sign with this above number now using Command Prompt?

Does this allow me to sign now? Though I have not worked with some company on code signing credentials?

They seem to be giving me something here.. this certificate.. how do I sign with this certificate?

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