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hi Das:

I got hit with that as well a while back on postgres.  I imagine its common to all dams.     here is note from our code

# V1007270 Studio 8.1.7 instituted a maximum fetch memory limit at 100gb . This limits the data being returned - shold see error kFetchMemoryExceeded
# the property is on the statement and is called $maxresultsetsize. Default is 100000000. upped it by 5 times
Calculate Statement.$maxresultsetsize as 500000000

so, after making your statement for your dam, you may need to set the $maxresultSetsize

It is in bytes, not records.  We gave omnis half a gig.  it lets us get a lot more, but we occasionally run into it when somebody tries to read everything :)

hope that helps.

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> On August 31, 2021, at 5:19 PM, Das Goravani <goravanis at gmail.com> wrote:
> I build really huge lists with many thousands of records.
> But this one table I am trying to build a list from with just 4000 records I am getting kFetchMemoryExceeded in the lStatus Return field on my fetch statement. 
> This table is really fat. Is that why?
> It can only fetch 1200 records and it gives that error or status return.
> I am going to load it an alternate way, 500 records in a fetch at a time.. 
> Is that what I have to do? Is fetch responsive to how fat a table is?
> Das
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