Foreign Fonts

Das Goravani goravanis at
Wed Sep 1 00:15:04 UTC 2021

I repaired Graham’s translation demo, it’s working now.

I am surprised about one thing, when you select Hindi or Russian or other language that uses a non-Latin alphabet, it shows up in the right font just fine. This is in a data grid. The data grid is set on Fieldstyle=CtrlDataGrid.. and the font it says that is is Lucida Grande on the Mac.

I don’t understand, how it is showing the translated text in foreign alphabets?

I haven’t added Hindi or Russian to my window fonts .. but they show just perfectly.

How is that possible?

I was thinking if I offered those languages translations I would have to have those fonts installed on the users machine and I would have to add them to my windows fonts list.. and report fonts list.. and then change the font on the field depending on language selected

But in grahams demo they should just fine without the font being changed.

How does it know which font to pick, how does it bypass the Windows Fonts List need.. 

Can I just pass Russian to a text field on a window and it will show?

Are Data Grids special in this regard?

I’m confused.. it may be simpler than I thought to offer these foreign alphabets

Can someone explain to me how this actually works?



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