Windows Update KB5006670

Michael Mantkowski michaelj at
Mon Oct 25 11:52:01 UTC 2021

Hi Reg,

We have been dealing with this for two weeks now.  Actually, longer if you consider a previous updated that had a similar but not as far-reaching issue.

Microsoft is in the process of changing its printer sharing code for Windows printer drivers.  They are trying to lock down some vulnerabilities that some Ransomware jerks have found to spread their crap.

Unfortunately, this is causing all kinds of issues with older printer drives as well as manufactures install programs for their printers.  And it is causing us uncounted hours of support time helping customers uninstall these updates and reconfiguring their printers.  This is not technically our problem, however as our application does 95% of our customers computer needs, we end up taking the blame / responsibility for everything.  If they can't use our software, they are pretty much out of business.  

I expect yet another update to try to undue some of the negative effects of the previous update this week or next.  We can only hope that it does not cause yet more issues.

Michael Mantkowski
ClienTrax Software

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Hi all,

Just a heads up that I have one computer where Omnis Studio 10.2 hangs on startup after Windows Update KB5006670.  Rolling back the update fixes the problem.

I found there is a bit of chatter about printer problems with this update, and since this computer prints to a USB printer attached to another computer on the network, for the moment I am guessing that is likely to be the cause.

So I have disabled updates on the computer until next week, with fingers crossed that Microsoft will fix it!


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