OS 10.1 27575 connecting to Postrgesql 13

Andy Hilton andyh at totallybrilliant.com
Mon Oct 25 03:40:56 UTC 2021


For the sake of trying to help you further, can you always add to your responses *what* those changes ended up being, i.e. you mention ’the wording on the error message’ - if you can actually add exactly what that error message says now, it may help us to continue offering suggestions :)

I do believe (as Bas also said) that we are heading on the right track, so clearly its pretty critical to know exactly what messages you are getting !

Can you confirm that your ‘other’ apps (pgadmin, Valentina etc) actually can connect to the pg 13 instance ok ? It actually wasn’t fully clear to me that they can connect to pg 13 - only that they can connect (which may be to the earlier pg instances)

As a matter of interest, are you still running those earlier pg instances ? If so, are the different pg instances all set to operate on different ports ? I know I may be asking the obvious but always best to make sure we are not overlooking a rookie issue :)

Also can you post your pg_hba.conf file and your postgres.conf file (the ones for pg 13) - just so we have the full picture ?

And finally, post the lines showing your login setup initiating pg within your app……

Then I am sure the light will get clearer !!

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> On Oct 24, 2021, at 7:22 PM, Graeme Harris <gfhwalkabout at fastmail.fm> wrote:
> Thank you Andy and Doug,
> I tried both your suggestion with no success. Andy switch hostname to IP address just changed the wording on the error message to the IP Address.

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