OS 10.1 27575 connecting to Postrgesql 13

Graeme Harris gfhwalkabout at fastmail.fm
Sun Oct 24 23:22:24 UTC 2021

Thank you Andy and Doug,

I tried both your suggestion with no success. Andy switch hostname to IP address just changed the wording on the error message to the IP Address.

Doug I changed the trust to scram-sha-256 in pg-hba.conf but still getting error message from omnis, pgadmin etc. are able to connect. I tried changing scram-sha-256 turn it on or off in postrges.conf but didn't seem to make a difference. Maybe other setting need adjusting in postgres.conf I'm not sure.


On 10/23/21 6:00 pm, Doug Easterbrook wrote:

you might want to change the line

host    all                all               trust


host    all                all               scram-sha-256

or, at the very least

host    all                all               MD5

that way postgres will at least use some sort of authentication when logging people in who are on workstations other that the localhost.

if you use ’trust’ everywhere, then there is no login authentication at all.

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On 10/23/21 6:11 pm, Andy Hilton wrote:
> Graeme
> So part 2 to check here is what data you are passing to the DAM to open your connection ? Are you passing a hostname or an IP address as the ‘hostname’ - if using a name as the hostname, try using the IP address (which would kind of force IP4 !)
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