Determining all monitors on a machine

Reg Paling reg.paling at
Sat Oct 23 02:21:55 UTC 2021

Hi Doug,

"sys(240) returns a string that identifies the current monitor 

A sample of what it returns is "c3440x1440_1440x900_1200x1920".

So it tells you what monitors you have, but not how they are arranged.

I've used it to save different window setups for when my laptop is 
connected to my 2 big monitors on my desk, and when it's not.


On 23/10/21 1:07 pm, Doug Easterbrook wrote:
> anybody have a way to find all monitors and their x-y coordinates on a computer from within omnis
> I know this has been asked ..   I see some posts from 2016 on it.   one was kelly (and looks like some older externals for omnis 7) and bas had a snippet of code for an external.
> I thought I’d seen something about $root.$modes but couldn’t find any reference
> the target is omnis 10.2 only .         as our world wakes up, I’ve got people who have saved windows off screen or reorganized their desktop, so I’m looking to try make things easy to recover their hidden (offscreen) windows that were opened in negative coordinate space.

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