$O - inherited class variables

jmv jmvoegeli at bluewin.ch
Thu Oct 21 06:05:46 UTC 2021

Hello Rudolf,

> Le 20 oct. 2021 à 16:34, Rudolf Bargholz <rudolf at bargholz.ch> a écrit :
> Class variables cannot be inherited, but instance variables can. In your child class, you ought to see any inherited instance variables as blue variables. Right-mouse-click on the variable, and override the variable. You can not access the inherited variable and the overridden variable using the VariableName, or $cinst.VariableName. Note: this can feel a bit strange, as both variables are discreet and can have different values, even though the variable is in the superclass as well as in the subclass. 

Thank you for your answer.

I have a "tool" library that is open before others and contains "tools" referred to by variables "object".

It take a long times to search for every use of a variable.

And then manually override it with the definition of the proper library.

I have not found out how to do it programmatically, ie with code instead of the hand ;-)

best regards,


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