Text Editor with Formatting?

Kelly Burgess kellyb at montana.com
Sat Oct 9 06:20:15 UTC 2021

>Oh my, I never noticed there were menu choices on the URL or Control Name property… yes, the editor with formatting controls appeared. Do you know off hand how you retrieve the HTML created by typing and formatting? I can’t see it as a property.. 

Not sure where a manual documenting the quill htmlcontrol might be found, but if you examine quill.htm you can see some of the methods that are callable from Omnis via the $callmethod() method of the oBrowser control.

In the .htm file you'll find the callback object -

   jOmnis.callbackObject = {
      . . . 

and inside of that you'll find methods that can be called like this, if you set quillRef as a reference to the oBrowser htmlcontrol object -

   Do quillRef.$callmethod('omnisGetData') Returns methodID

That 'named' method is part of the callbackObject and looks like this -

    omnisGetData: function ()
         return this.quill.getHTML();

The actual return value is going to come back asynchronously in the $event method of the htmlcontrol object.  It will be identifiable by the methodID returned by $callmethod.  The evCallMethodDone event includes it as one of three parameters -

    On evCallMethodDone    ## completion of the call to $callmethod() that returned [pUniqueId]
        If pUniqueId = whatWeRemembered
           Calculate theDocumentData as pReturn   ## [pReturn] is the return value of the called JS method
        End if
        ##  check pErrorText parameter if there are problems


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