OpenSSL on windows 2016 Server

Kris Geerts kjtgeerts at
Fri Oct 8 15:29:12 UTC 2021

Hi All,

Its been a while since I done something with omnis but I have to move an old app which is running fine on windows 10 with omnis 6.1.3 .
The app sends some mail via SMPT mail .
Now I want to move things to windows server 2016 remote desktop server.
Of course SMTP mail  needs open SSL .
So I installed version 1.1.1 ; that is the 64 bit version as omnis is 64 bit too

When I do cmd and openssl version I get this version 
Version 1.1.1
so I assume its installed correctly ?
But ; omnis does seem to miss the fact ; I get a return of -1016 when I try to send mail. The explanation should be "Cannot load Perhaps OpenSSL is not installed"  

I tried about everything I can think of 
Installed , did the 32 bit version , reinstalled and so on

Any hint would be appreciated 


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