How to import a text block to a field

Rudolf Gautschi galenus at
Thu Oct 7 19:25:49 UTC 2021

Hi Das

I would like to do it as the following code:

Do FileOps.$readentirefile(lCharacterPath,lBinaryField)
Calculate #S1 as utf8tochar(lBinaryField)

Best Regards
Rudolf Gautschi
Galenus-Engineering, Switzerland

> Am 07.10.2021 um 20:22 schrieb Das Goravani <goravanis at>:
> What is the best way to import a text file into a single field
> Like you have an .htm file on disk say, and you want it In a single field in Omnis
> How do you do that?
> I probably used to know and forgot. 
> Currently I’m importing into a list with a large character field as the definition of the list
> Then running down the lines con()’ing them together into one field
> Sometimes there is only one line, which is easy to deal with of course. 
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