Importing problem

Debra Peters dshaberlanda at
Wed Oct 6 19:33:28 UTC 2021

You can import them to a list, but the list needs to be defined as wide as the 
number of "columns" per row in the file. In this case, the number of columns 
equals the number of commas plus 1 (presuming there is no carriage return within 
the line of email addresses).


On 10/6/2021 2:25 PM, Das Goravani wrote:
> Is the following valid to be imported easily as I show below
> a_murugavel at,aaanava at, at,aakassdeep at,aasha1 at,aaziman at,abdrahi2003 at,abhi.is4u at,abhikn at,adamglasser at,addie1 at,adipurusa at,admin at,admin at,ads at,adurthy at,adwork at,aelauver at,aelauver at,aengineer at,agnesosherin at,aissa.tiouiri046 at <mailto:aissa.tiouiri046 at>
> Those are email addresses separated by commas
> I am trying to import them to a list
> I could use a repeat loop and string token way of doing it..
> I thought Omnis would import this no problem
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