Can't delete the via FileOps

Paul Mulroney pmulroney at
Mon Oct 4 04:44:11 UTC 2021

Hi Das,

Yes - the is a folder (a special kind of folder).  You need to delete the contents of the folder before you can delete the folder.  Since there are nested folders might want to consider a recursive function to delete the files and folders underneath.

Alternatively, you could try running an applescript eg "do shell script 'rm -rf /path/to/omnis/app" - WARNING: using "rm -rf" with incorrect parameters could delete the contents of your hard drive, so be very very careful executing this command.


> On 4 Oct 2021, at 6:38 am, Das Goravani <goravanis at> wrote:
> I’m writing a delete old versions routine in my app.
> I’ve got it wired to delete the files and folders in application support etc
> But when I try to delete the copy of the Omnis runtime app in Applications folder, it is not deleting.
> This is not the copy of Omnis running.. it is another not running copy
> Is this because it’s a protected folder?
> Or do I have to empty it out first like a directory?
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