Control Remote Mac/PC Solution?

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Mon Oct 4 04:40:26 UTC 2021

Hi Das,

We use TeamViewer for remote access.

You can purchase a TV subscription, which allows you access without ads and popups.  However, if you're doing infrequent, "once-off" support, you can use Team Viewer for free.  However at the end of the session you'll get a "You're using TeamViewer for free, and you really should pay us" type message.  

They also have a "quick support" option - you ask the other party to download the quick support app, and they will give you and ID and temporary password to allow access.  You can then use the TeamViewer app on your machine to access their machine.

There are Mac and Windows versions, and some versions for Linux, but it's a bit hit and miss.  There's also a version for iOS (eg iPhone and iPad) - I've used that few times to help my dad out with is new iPhone.

I don't work for TeamViewer and I don't get a commission, but I've found that this software works reliably and so would recommend it to anyone who needs to provide remote support.  There are other options out there eg RealVNC, LogMeIn Rescue, Screen Connect, Aero Admin - out of all of them, TeamViewer works the best.


> On 4 Oct 2021, at 2:49 am, Das Goravani <goravanis at> wrote:
> Hello $all,
> I know this has been discussed, but it usually goes over my head. 
> I am wondering if I could be told by those experienced with the same:
> What is the/a solution for controlling remote Macs or PC’s in order to do tech support, or teach a user something.. 
> I don’t need this very often.. in fact very rarely. So I’m thinking if there is a free solution. I can put up with ads if need be.
> I know by now Grandma knows the answer to this question, but I do not. 
> I have never controlled a remote computer. Someone has controlled mine using TeamViewer one time.
> I use a Mac as MY computer.. so I would be controlling other Mac, or PC, from a MacBook Pro. BigSur. Plenty of RAM. 
> I have looked at some and the subscription fees are huge compared to my need, which is rare, perhaps a few times a year. 
> Ideally the user on the remote end need not install anything. That would be ideal. But if they must, then they must. 
> Thank you,
> Das Goravani
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