Kelly Burgess kellyb at
Sun May 23 13:30:22 UTC 2021

Hi Chris,

>I use to store window preferences like text size in headed list and tree list now I have to change it because of Omnis backward step.
>  . . .
>when closing window the changes in the object are saved, and the user next enters the window the changes are restored.

Another way to store things in a library class, instead of using method text, is by plugging a list into the class.$userinfo property.

on $destruct...
Do propList.$define(name,value)
Do propList.$add('top',$cinst.$top)
Do propList.$add('left',$cinst.$left)
Calculate $cclass.$userinfo as propList

on $construct...
Calculate propList as $cclass.$userinfo
Do propList.$redefine(name,value)
Calculate $cinst.$top as propList.1.value
Calculate $cinst.$left as propList.2.value

This has the advantage that you can still lock the class if you want to, whereas access to method text requires an unlocked class.


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