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Hi one and all,

Managed to solve problem.
This used in object it gets the store value and can be "omnis"  "postgres"
or "SQL" platforms and tells the object who's driving.


The following was added to eliminate trailing spaces.

Calculate iPlatform as replaceall(iPlatform,chr(32),'')

All working now until a a customer tell me otherwise.

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Just converting to Omnis studio 6 to Omnis studio 10.2 and found the
following problem.


Why did Omnis change the text aspect.




Now instead being able to read text as per above they have changed it for
what reason I do not know.


I use to store window preferences like text size in headed list and tree
list now I have to change it because of Omnis backward step.


I am about to have one Big Sur user using this application and have to
figure out a write round, I thought I was gain to have a relaxing Sunday
that now gone.


Also because Macintosh fails to run on Studio 8.1 on Big Sur.


That's my bitch for the day.



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