Convert Library to Studio 10.2 at Runtime

Jim Edison jime at
Fri May 21 18:26:38 UTC 2021

Hi Alan,

There are settings when opening the library to convert without prompts which
have been working well for us.  

We are developing still in 4.x x86 and have a small number of users on 10.x.
x64. We do test our builds from 4.x in 10.x prior to posting for download
and have had to make a few branches in code to accommodate mostly things to
do with 32 vs 64 bit, however due to some good object oriented programming
in the past we only had to make a few changes.  I only post the 4.x versions
for download the Omnis handles the rest when the lib is opened.  I may catch
some flak for this however this is much easier than trying to regress a
newer build to an older build.  We hope to have all our users moved to 10 in
the next year as I hate working in 4.x when I could be working in 10.x

Best Regards,
Jim Edison CPCU

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Hello all,

Is it possible to convert a Studio 8 Library to Studio 10.2 at Runtime?

If so, where can I find a setting or code to do this?

I am not totally convinced this is a good idea, but we would like to test it
if possible.


Alan Grinberg
AG Systems/ZOO-INK
San Francisco, CA <applewebdata://6B3C5721-C652-4D9A-9E48-02D173391ED0>
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