OT: Server Problems due to move

Das Goravani goravanis at gmail.com
Thu May 6 22:01:27 UTC 2021

Dear $all,

I just moved from Portland to Orlando and am setting up my 

Mac mini Server running MAMP Pro and Apache 2.x 

I have ISP Spectrum 5G router their tech rep confidently said all ports are open on the router, ie 25 is not closed

My Catalina based MacMini server hosts my 5 websites via MAMP PRO software dashboard running Apache. My server also hosts “MailServe”, a mail server program. 

These programs were hosting, serving, correctly in Portland when we left. I simply unplugged, moved to Orlando, and plugged back in, made sure the No IP updater updated for sure, I dont think I should have to do anything else except make sure port 25 is open and as I said I think it is, turn on port forwarding and I think I have done that for 25

I have my internet and wifi working, and my server is up and running with monitor connected. 

On the server I can access my 5 served websites in Safari

On the server I can send myself emails to my served address, in fact I can originate the email on a separate Mac tied in via wifi, using my network, standard way, I can send an email to my served email address and it gets to the server, shows up in the Mac Mail Client normally but does not show up on the Mac it originated from which is not the server, call it the first connected MacBookPro

I also cannot access my websites on said second Mac.. not the server.. first connected MacBook Pro

My email mailboxes for the served accounts like das at Goravani.com <mailto:das at Goravani.com> say Connections to the server Goravani.com <http://goravani.com/> timed out on the default ports

On my router which is Netgear, 5G Nighthawk Streaming, I have selected that yes I do have a NO IP account and I gave that to it

I also put in a port forwarding for 25 for SMTP although SMTP was not a choice they gave, I overtyped that and dont know if it will work

Somehow only on the server is my mail working and websites working

Anyone else who tries to connect to that mail or web server is not connected

Anyone have any ideas where I should investigate.. this is not turf I’m familiar with.. I’ve only ever been here once before… if it’s normal to you, do you see anything?

The main website is Goravani.com main email address is das at Goravani.com


Das Goravani 

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