Logging in to a website in oBrowser

Bruno Del Sol bruno.delsol at bydesign.fr
Wed Mar 17 07:58:51 UTC 2021

   Hi Reg,

   I asked Omnis to add the ability to open a page in obrowser with an
   authentication header included. It's enhancement request ST/BR/387 and
   support says it should be there in 10.3.

   On the other hand, it the website you're trying to connect to uses
   another authentication scheme (cookie, storage, server side, etc), it
   won't help.


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   Le 17/03/2021 à 05:18, Reg Paling a écrit :

     Hi all,
     I have a few cases where I have embedded a website in an Omnis Thick
     Client window, but the website requires a login.  For the duration
     of a session, the OBrowser component knows when I have already
     logged in, and when I come back to the window there is no need to
     log in again.
     Now I would like to automate the initial login.  I can detect when
     the OBrowser has been redirected to the login window, but I would
     then like to automatically fill in the username and password so it
     could go on and display the desired URL.
     I have been fiddling around with "Queue keyboard event", but it is
     clunky and unreliable in this context.
     I imagine it might be possible to somehow hijack the OBrowser
     session and use Omnis HTTP commands to fill in the login form.  Or
     something like that.
     Has anyone done anything like this?  It would be so handy.
     Kind regards to all,
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