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Tue Mar 16 23:09:03 UTC 2021

We have been using AWS in production conditions for almost 2 years using PostgreSQL RDS instances.

We have “multi-tenant” instances on both the West coast and East coast of the US.
None of our clients have huge databases.

It is nearly impossible to figure out what things really cost until you do it! 
We are a small company, so the various scaling options have been valuable, and it was very easy to get started.

We have had a few sessions with paid support and that has been excellent.
Have had no problems with billing.
Zero outages in 2 years.

Just FYI, we are installing local fat clients, and communicating with the database over the internet. The structure of the SQL calls and Omnis processing has been critical for good performance. We are still working on that, and it has been an interesting journey.

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Alan Grinberg
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> On Mar 16, 2021, at 11:37 AM, Andy Hilton <andyh at> wrote:
> Folks
> Seeing the recent references to AWS, I’d just like to test the water here to our august brethren on experiences with AWS…..
> I am looking at utilizing AWS for a large scale Postgres database project (database is circa 2TB) feeding an Omnis app…..
> In my (much smaller scale) tests everything works very well, speed is good and no complaints technically…..
> However it did seem quite expensive for my small scale test and it doesn’t;t seem easy to determine what the actual costs of such a large database would actually end up being…..
> Worse when I cancelled my instances of my test, AWS kept on charging me and seem to be having a very hard time stopping those charges ongoing and/or refunding me - neither of which instils any great confidence in their billing side !
> So I was just looking for any related experiences…….
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