O$5 (& O$10.2) Updating tables and column definitions from library updates via notation?

Paul Mulroney pmulroney at logicaldevelopments.com.au
Thu Mar 11 23:43:22 UTC 2021

Hi $all,

The checksum doesn't take long to execute.  A typical application of ours has around 80 tables, and the checksums for all tables takes a second to calculate, so the overall startup time of the application doesn't change appreciably. If you have hundreds of tables, perhaps that would take longer.  However, by using the update number style of system, if I can forget to increment the number after a change in my small number of tables, how much harder is it to remember for a large number of tables?


> On 12 Mar 2021, at 6:40 am, Phil (OmnisList) via omnisdev-en <omnisdev-en at lists.omnis-dev.com> wrote:
> We just store the version number within the database, and compare it with the library version number, if the library is newer then check the formats, otherwise, don't bother.
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> On 11/03/2021 19:34, Gordon Wilson via omnisdev-en wrote:
>>  Hi Andy
>> Good point. I guess the best way would be to do a speedy check when starting up such as Paul has suggested to ensure some kind of integrity. If there is a "difference" detected, start asking questions about recent updates or checking. Only do modifications in single user mode and perhaps block access until the integrity check is satisfied for multiple users... Perhaps that should always be the case - just thinking !!
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