Brain picking I cannot time

Wendy wizardcompserv at
Wed Mar 3 13:01:04 UTC 2021

Many thanks for all your help - I cannot find any auto calc or other
suggestions - I think this software was written when dinosaurs were around.

I have cheated and put the code I need behind the field on the screen so it
is run when the user tabs out - seems to work fine!!! 

Many thanks
Wendy Osbaldestin
Wizard Computer Services
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Wendy and Kelly,

If I remember correctly, there is also an option in the field parameters
called something like Auto Calc or close to it that caused calculations in
fields directly after the field you were working on to recalculate
themselves based on the new data you entered in your current field.

Been too long for me to recall the details but I think that might be what
you're looking for as well as Kelly's suggestion of the Auto Find attribute.

Michael Mantkowski
ClienTrax Software

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Hi Wendy,

With no code around, I'd be looking at the field attributes, it's probably
an auto-find of some sort.  I think that mechanism applied to sequentially
ordered field(s) following the id lookup field, so the field displaying the
name may be the one flagged as autofind, as opposed to the lookup field
itself.  But I can't remember : )

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