Graham Stevens Email Address?

Das Goravani goravanis at
Fri Jun 25 17:41:56 UTC 2021


Does someone have Graham Stevens email address. 

I was forwarded an email he sent me on the list but it didn’t include his address.

He said I could write to him about the Translation example.

In the GetLanguages routine there is an error

Do iorefRest.$returnVal(irResponseHeaders,irResponse,irJSON) Returns icJSON

The return value says “Invalid character in JSON text”and irJSON is NULL

Then that routine returns a boolean NO in the response which then is trapped by Graham as an error

I have my key and I put it into the variable for same.  That’s not the problem.

I think irJSON being NULL is probably the problem.. but I don’t know this code yet

Anybody want to get into Grahams thing with me and I’ll pay you for consulting…

It’s not a very big project.. it’s just a handful of classes and routines in them.. short code.. but rich

It uses REST

Seeking Paul M., maybe, or Graham himself.. or Rob Mostyn.. 

I think they know how to understand this code.

I want to get it down to where I have a one line command for translating things

I think translating an app this way is better than having string tables or the like and hard coded translation though that has it’s advantages

I know I’m just a short time away from having this wired.. waiting for time zone days to pass is part of the wait, we’re not all on the same daytime

I know with his example I am close to done.. it’s just a few things need to be fixed, straightened out.. to get it working again and thus show me how it’s done



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