OT: How to translate a large document

Das Goravani goravanis at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 12:17:10 UTC 2021

I didn’t get any email from Graham. Whatever he posted I did not receive. I received the replies to Graham from Stene and Paul.. but not Graham. 

So I dont have his example to look at.

Hey Paul could you forward me Grahams post? Or Stene?

I looked at the Google docs for the API and it does seem straight forward but I dont know how to do it in Omnis

So I await whatever Graham posted.. 

Maybe I’ll try to figure out how to access the archive of the list and find it there. 

If you can get the values that Google returns back into Omnis I’m all set.. that’s where my text is that I want to translate, it’s in Omnis data.. I can output it to file but it’s nice if I could just translate in Omnis itself.. that would be expedient. 

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