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Sten-Erik Björling s-e.bjorling at enviro.se
Thu Jun 24 07:53:16 UTC 2021

Hi Das,

I do not have a pro-account in Deepl so I recommend you evaluate the system and the pricing. As I have both evaluated and also received feedback the Deepl environment creates more ”attractive” translations since it translates complete sentences and in some cases complete paragraphs in regard to contexts. The EU services are the best but then the issue comes up in regard to IP - am I as a user translating my own material?

Take care, all the best…



> 23 juni 2021 kl. 22:52 skrev Das Goravani <goravanis at gmail.com>:
> Let me explain one thing then ask one thing:
> I have around 7000 paragraphs of text, it is about the size of a book, it is 2 MB as text. That’s my only file I want to translate now.  I want to translate it into a number of languages one time, save the results, and incorporate them into my application.
> So it’s a one time thing.. not an on going need..
> For example Stene.. are you set up with Deepl ? Could you translate this doc for me for some pay?
> Re. Google verse Deepl.. I thought I heard that Google was real good on things like Context.. it allows for sentence level context I believe. It has public editing which empowers it more and more. But I don’t know Deepl. I will check it out next.
> Could I pay someone to do this one time for me? Someone who understands what Paul is talking about in the above 2 paragraphs? I have only questions when I read that.. I haven’t touched any of that type of thing in my life.

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