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I never could get Twilio to work for me despite numerous contacts with their technical support so I tried Plivo ( which I got to work without any problems and it was substantially cheaper to boot. I never attempted to use either from Omnis, however: my SMS solution uses a simple PHP script to handle the inbound texts and server side Python - plpython3u - with Postgresql to parse/process and send outbound texts (the PHP script inserts a row for every inbound message into a table and a trigger function on that table takes it from there, so it would be easy enough presumably to either do an insert into that table from Omnis or just access the plpython3u function that handles the outbound texts directly).

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    On Wednesday, June 23, 2021, 10:06:04 AM PDT, Kim Sargent <ksargent at> wrote:  
 We have Twilio up and running on two apps now using Omnis.  In one app we only send messages.  In the other we send and can receive texts back from the phone it was sent to.

One of the issues we had was we were using Omnis 8 and could not get it to work.  When we changed to Omnis 10 we got it working

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Scott, Dan-

We have been considering Twilio.  I’m glad to see that someone has tried it with Omnis directly.  Their pricing does seem reasonable.  We’re only looking to use text messages as periodic notifications to a limited customer base, so we don’t need the bulk texting capability that most other services seem to cater towards.

I was surprised that with all the various sample scripts they had for interfacing with their API, there was no ready solution for Omnis… ;-)



> On Jun 23, 2021, at 11:30 AM, Dan Ridinger <dlr at> wrote:
> I used Twillio in  the past and used it directly from Omnis. I had it embedded in Omnis code to notify people of a security instance. It worked very well and from anywhere in the world. The interface has changed since then but I thought it was fairly priced as well.
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>> On Jun 23, 2021, at 7:46 AM, Scott Calafiore <scott at> wrote:
>> Hi Mark,
>> We’ve been looking into Twilio which is the biggest player that I know of in the app SMS world. They have a restful API. It’s not free like the email method however it’s much more straightforward and they charge what I think are somewhat reasonable fees depending on your use case. You can even use node js to communicate with the API, looks like it would even be possible to do directly from Omnis. 
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